stjude_volunteersVolunteers from across the globe are always welcomed at St. Jude Children’s Home to assist in day-to-day activities. We offer free accommodation at our guests house, where volunteers can stay for a minimum of one or two weeks and up to several months. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in various activities ranging from teaching, physiotherapy, administration, agriculture, games, sports and much more.

At St. Jude, there are always moments for games, story-telling, prayers, works and musical performances. These are some of the ways in which our volunteers can participate in fundraising events to support St. Jude’s community. Children, staff, and international volunteers all enjoy the company of each other while at St. Jude: we have always received very positive feedback from past volunteers, and are always grateful to have a pair of extra hands.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at St. Jude Children’s Home, please contact:

Julius Oola
Deputy Director
Email. kakayepeter@yahoo.com
Tel. +256 713 964 337; +256 755 858 020.