Consolation Home

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St. Jude’s Consolation Home takes care of children affected by various disabilities. About half of its residents, whose ages range from 2 to 22 years old, are severely physically disabled due to birth defects, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, or spinal cord injuries. Other residents at the Consolation Home are cognitively impaired, or suffer from mental illnesses.

Consolation Home at St. Jude Children's HomeThrough this department, St. Jude seeks to improve the lives of children in challenging situations, demonstrating that difference is not an illness nor an impediment to give and receive love. To the extent in which it is possible, these children are active within the community by studying, playing, reading, writing and interacting with friends and caregivers.

St. Jude’s services at the Consolation home also extend to disabled children and adults living in the surrounding communities. For instance, it runs a special training program for caregivers to properly attend the needs of epileptic children. These caregivers report to the center on the 15th of every month, under the supervision of our Special Needs Teacher. Help us ensure the longevity of these outreach programs by making your donation now!