St. Jude Children's Home Building. Mural by Ray Okot.


St. Jude Children’s Home is a Catholic non-profit organization founded in 1987 by the late Reverend Sr. Benadetta Akwero. Located at the Airfield Sub-Ward in Bardege Division, Gulu Municipality, Gulu district, St. Jude’s mission is to care for orphans, abandoned or vulnerable children, disabled persons, widows and the elderly.

Critical to our work is the support of children infected with HIV/AIDS, as well as of those affected by a context of risk, such as children whose parents or relatives are living with HIV/AIDS or other serious illnesses. St. Jude Children’s Home also fosters children born in captivity and children with various mental or physical impairments.


Our goal is to provide a loving and caring environment for all our family members, covering integral needs like food, shelter, health, education, emotional and spiritual support.

Due to the unique nature of our organization, our community is constantly changing. Each year, we receive new children seeking care and protection while others are resettled and fostered. Our goal is to provide these children with the necessary resources to live happy, successful lives beyond St. Jude Children’s Home.



St. Jude Children’s Home originated in Anaka sub-county and was transferred to Bar-Dege, Gulu, in 1987 due to the insecurity in the region at the time.

When Reverend Sr. Benadetta passed away in 1992, the responsibility to run the home was left to Brother Elio Croce, a Comboni Missionary Brother, and St. Jude’s Director today.

In 2004, the home was registered with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Affairs of Uganda, and was since then mandated to operate in the Archdiocese of Gulu.