Secondary and Tertiary Education


At St. Jude we do not have the infrastructure nor the means to provide secondary and tertiary education, therefore our goal is to facilitate sponsorship for this level of educational development to reach our children.

Thanks our generous donors’ contributions over the years, more than one hundred  children have and are receiving sponsorship at secondary and vocational schools. In particular, this has been possible thanks to the aid of non-profit organization Terre Des Hommes Holland, who between 2004 and 2012 sponsored over eighty young girls in secondary and vocational education. Since this project concluded in 2012, we hope other donors will extend their generosity to ensure the continuation of this initiative. Help us make it possible by making your donation now!

St. Jude is also constantly searching for financial support and strategies to grant university opportunities to our most promising students. However, much like secondary education, such endeavour is extremely challenging due to lack of resources. At St. Jude, we acknowledge that the realization of higher education is another principle of community self-empowerment and amelioration, as these children evolve to become citizens, academics and practitioners whose lives and careers impact their communities in positive and nourishing ways. As a confirmation of this initiative, we are pleased to announce that three of our most outstanding students joined university programs in 2011, with exciting prospects in Physics and Nursing.