Health Center

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St. Jude’s Health Centre is responsible for the overall health of the entire community, as well as for running our outreach program for children with disabilities.

This clinic, operating in our Consolation Home, offers a wide range of services. Besides treating minor illnesses, it offers health education and physiotherapy to physically challenged children. Its services expand beyond St. Jude, at times providing medical attention for up to two hundred individuals per month.

Due to the numerous cases of disabled children registered at St. Jude, our clinic has created a Special Needs Training Program. This initiative involves monthly educational sessions with the goal of instructing mothers on how to better attend the needs of their disabled children.

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In 2011, St. Jude moved closer to other communities through the formation of five instruction groups in Amuru sub-county, Keyo trading centre, Koro sub-county, Paicho sub-county and Ongako sub-county. Even when most caregivers and trainees must travel long and tenuous distances to attend these sessions, they do so with the sole goal of gaining skills to properly address their children’s needs. In the process, their learning brings positive change back to their communities.

Blind persons are also part of the community groups who attend our monthly training. On average, there are twenty to thirty blind adults and five to fifteen young children attending this training at any given time. St. Jude gives them support by imparting mobility skills training, as well as providing white canes, counseling and student sponsorship.

One of the biggest challenges for caregivers is the attainment of skills and time towards income-generating activities, as they spend most of their day looking after these children. Living with them means having no time for domestic and gardening activities, putting most of these families below the poverty line. This is why our educational sessions also include micro-credit training.

But once again, due to lack of funding, this outreach initiative is under constant threat of discontinuation. Our caregivers are thirsty for knowledge and skills to help their children have a positive life and a promising future. Please help us continue making it happen!