St. Jude Children’s Home has few resources to ensure the well-being, health and education of our children, women and elderly. Our home is run thanks to donors’ collaborations and the work of volunteers from all over the world.

This is why your donation can and will make the difference. Any amount is welcomed no matter how small, as it goes directly to the children and their needs. Your contribution is essential to keep bringing love and care to all the members of our big family!


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Note: This option is strongly recommended for U.S. citizens, as our partners at Social Promise can provide tax redemption receipts.


Comboni Brothers (Elio Croce)
BANCA UNICREDIT IBAN IT67 M020 0811 7080 0000 5559 379
con causale Orfanotrofio St. Jude – Fr. Elio Croce
Intestato a Missionari Comboniani – Mondo Aperto Onlus Vicolo Pozzo, 1 – 37129 Verona

Voluntary Association “VolontariAmo con il St.Jude”
CASSA RURALE DI FIEMME IBAN IT65 N 08184 35280 000 000 090144
Intestato a Ass. “VolontariAmo con il St.Jude” Via Fiamme Gialle, 55 – 38037 Predazzo (Tn)


Contact our staff:

Bro. Elio Croce
Director of St.Jude Children’s Home

Julius Oola
Deputy Director of St.Jude Children’s Home

VolontariAmo con il St.Jude
Official Partner of St. Jude Children’s Home in Italy