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7. St_Jude_Farm

St. Jude Children’s Home owns about over a hundred acres of land, currently used for the cultivation of beans, maize, rice, groundnuts, sim-sim sunflowers, cassava and cowpeas. Growing our own food is not only a way to build autonomy and encourage collective health, but also a way to strategically impart skill training for our youth. St. Jude’s farm brings children, caretakers and volunteers together to learn respect for our ecosystem through sustainable agriculture and gardening techniques, as well as the importance of locally-driven projects.

Since our farm is located 37 km from Gulu, St. Jude has initiated the construction of a facilities center on site. Completion of this building will allow children to sleep in the farm during school holidays and will provide a weather-protected space for our produce. Make your donation now and help us continue making St. Jude a green home!